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Michigan Kids

A co-op for the people: The rocky process of developing the Detroit People's Food Co-op

The Detroit People's Food Co-op will have a cooperatively owned grocery store, a 50-seat cafe, incubator kitchen, and be in an underserved neighborhood of the city. But it took seven long years to bring this project to fruition. 
Michigan Kids

Food entrepreneurs scale up production at groundbreaking manufacturing facility FEAST Detroit

FEAST Detroit is a collaborative manufacturing facility that helps small food entrepreneurs scale up.
Michigan Kids

My turnaround: A VOICES essay in overcoming challenges in learning

Que’Anna Jackson struggled to find her place in school, often preferring popularity over studying. But her siblings, as well as the Challenge Scholars Program, inspired her to do better. This is her story, from her perspective.
Michigan Kids

Art helps youth explore race issues

Art programs across Detroit offer students rich, textured avenues for artistic expression about contemporary racial, cultural, and social justice issues.
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