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Michigan Kids

On-site childcare contributes to employee welfare

Childcare located right at the workplace may be the ultimate convenience for working parents. In the third article of our series on alternative childcare options for working families, read about Detroit businesses and institutions that offer on-site childcare and ...
Michigan Kids

A friend's help during desperate times led to Women's Co-op of Battle Creek

A humble store represents the foundation of the Co-op of Battle Creek's existence: women helping other women get by during hard times.
Michigan Kids

Three generations of family contribute to southwest Detroit butcher shop

A few years ago, Salvador Enriquez nearly closed down his business, Carniceria Guadalajara. But his daughter saw the potential for growth and convinced the Mexican immigrant to expand his butcher shop instead.
Michigan Kids

Handmade bunks ensure no child sleeps on the floor

With 115 chapters in 39 states, the nonprofit Sleep in Heavenly Peace rallies volunteers to hand-make bunk beds for children ages three to 17 who have no bed of their own.
Michigan Kids

Cooperative childcare center offers more than a place to drop off kids

A childcare and pre-school center for inquisitive kids, Detroit Parent Collective is also an affordable, non-judgmental, and work-friendly space.
Michigan Kids

Healthy eating at home builds family business at Detroit Green Carrot

Two sisters noticed how processed foods affected their children's behavior and decided things needed to change. That lead them to launch Detroit Green Carrot to provide healthy eating options not just for their own families, but for hungry consumers throughout Metro ...
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