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Michigan Kids

VOICES: Life with the "Geek Disorder"

In this VOICES essay, sixth grader Nora Standish describes her experience with Asperger sydrome, shattering every stereotype about it and inviting you into her world.
Michigan Kids

Single parents take the road to work and self-sufficiency

Goodwill Industries of Central Michigan’s Heartland is helping single parents find a way into the workplace with the skills they need to succeed.
Michigan Kids

Detroit teens lead their own artistic journeys

A part of Living Arts' curriculum for adolescents, the SPOT centers around the idea that teenagers thrive artistically when they are given time to wander creatively without the pressure of assignments.
Michigan Kids

VOICES: Why sit, listen, recall and repeat is inadequate

David Gamlin, vice president and program director for the Midnight Golf Program, believes that future success in life is based on communication, collaboration, and creativity—not memorizing the contents of a book. 
Michigan Kids

Promise Zones and place-based scholarships for college-bound Grand Rapids' kids

If Grand Rapids becomes a Promise Zone, it would change the game for funding college. Currently in the process of applying for the designation, the city is prioritizing affordable college education.
Michigan Kids

Juice cafe has a mission to bring healthy food choices to residents

Fresh101 Superfood Café fills a nice niche in Midtown. But owner Monique Dooley, a former teacher, is also engaging with organizations throughout the city to encourage food education and healthy eating. 
Michigan Kids

Saving kids' lives through translational research

Talented Michigan physician scientists are leveraging the power of a discipline called translational research to find treatments and cures for cancer and other childhood diseases.
Michigan Kids

Innovating to protect Michigan children from harm

Education is an important resource in the effort to protect children from harm. Organizations across southeast Michigan are continuously innovating ways to provide information to families and caregivers to protect children from abuse, injury, and death.
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