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Art Road

Art Road Nonprofit provides art classes in Detroit Public Schools where there were none. And these aren’t just any art classes. Art Road’s instructors are Cranbrook Academy of Art graduates who bring high-quality teaching and techniques to Detroit elementary school students – enriching their school experience tremendously.  

R.E.M. (Rest. Educate. Motivate.) Sleep Education Program

Many school children do not get the sleep they need for proper learning, health, and overall behavior. The R.E.M. (Rest. Educate. Motivate.) Sleep Education Program fills the missing gap of sleep education, working with low-income and impoverished kids and families in southeast Michigan schools. R.E.M. teaches good sleep sense and provides aids to create a proper sleep environment, such as sleeping bags, toothbrushes, and toothpaste. 

Women & Children's Shelter

The Women & Children's Shelter at Mel Trotter Ministries in Grand Rapids offers warm meals, beds to sleep in, children's activities, and inviting hugs and smiles to homeless women and their children. Guests can stay at the shelter for up to 60 days and are offered an array of services to help get them back on their feet.

Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative

The Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative is a group of Grand Rapids organizations that are aspiring toward a community where all children, regardless of the neighborhood where they live, are able to grow and learn, and reach their potential as adults.

Neighborhoods Working in Partnership: Youth Mobilizing for Policy Change

Neighborhoods Working in Partnership: Youth Mobilizing for Policy Change builds capacity of Detroit youth to engage in policy change so that they can have their voices heard. Hands-on workshops cover the steps and skills for policy advocacy and then youth use the tools to bring about change in issues they care about. The youth advocacy training is an effort of the Detroit Community-Academic Urban Research Center.

Youth Public Engagement Internship Program

The Youth Public Engagement Internship Program offers Battle Creek high school students an opportunity to train and prepare for their future. The elite few selected are afforded the rare chance to not only job shadow professionals in the line of work they hope to pursue after they finish school, but participate in meaningful experiences that bring fresh perspectives to their workplaces. 

School Success Partnership

Any attempt to help young people succeed in life is best accomplished when parents, teachers, and community agencies collaborate. The School Success Partnership in northeast Michigan has proven that collaboration really works, as measured by better grades, attendance, and behavior.

Youth Services Work Group

The Youth Services Work Group looks at social services that are available for Calhoun County youth, from birth to adulthood, and identifies gaps in service delivery. Made up of professionals from the juvenile justice system, the education system, the Department of Human Services, corporate and philanthropic organizations, and others, the group tries to identify and remove potential barriers for vulnerable youth to access needed services. 

The Little Engineer That Could

The Little Engineer that Could is an apt name for DAPCEP’s K-3 supplemental education offering. The inventive program brings parents, teachers, and kids together while introducing concepts like gears, water, and electricity.  For youngsters, it nurtures an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. For adults, the program helps foster parental engagement and prepares them for supporting young learners at home.

Supporting Talented Athletes to Succeed (S.T.A.T.S.)

Supporting Talented Athletes to Succeed (S.T.A.T.S.) is a mentoring program of Battle Creek’s New Level Sports for children from first to sixth grade. It pairs college athletes to form relationships with children as they enjoy many different sports. 

Playworks Detroit

Playworks is a national in-school program being implemented in Detroit that places a full-time “coach” in elementary schools to teach positive, safe, and meaningful play. The focus is on recess, with an emphasis on physical activity and improving socialization skills; the program also teaches conflict resolution strategy and leadership development, and Playworks coaches lead classroom games that promote team-building, inclusion, and respect.


Only 23 high schools in Michigan were selected to pilot the think.respect. campaign, which provides federal funds for programs in academic success, anti-bullying, and healthy lifestyles. Benton Harbor High School is one of them. This southwest Michigan school, with a history of tough challenges, is hoping to break down learning barriers for students and staff through initiatives that directly affect students’ physical, emotional, and social well-being. 

Place-Based Stewardship Education Initiative

Eco-justice education – a blend of environmental education and social justice – is at the heart of the Place-based Stewardship Education Initiative of the Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition. Based out of Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, the program works closely with teachers to create and implement inspiring curriculum that helps children grow into good environmental stewards. 

Our LAND (Learn Admire Nurture Dream)

The Greening of Detroit’s Our LAND (Learn Admire Nurture Dream) program reaches more than 250 underserved fifth- and sixth-grade Detroit students. Through yearlong, multi-session in-school classroom visits, stewardship projects, and field trips to Detroit’s Rouge Park, Our LAND helps students create lasting bonds with natural areas throughout the city. 

Support Our Leaders (SOL) Program

The Hispanic Center of Western Michigan’s Supporting Our Leaders (SOL) Program strives to close the achievement gap for Hispanic youth by educating parents, providing gang intervention, preventing students from dropping out of school, and by encouraging youth to take a leadership role in the program and in their community. 
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