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Parent Resource Centers

Detroit Parent Network’s Parent Resource Centers are located within eight public schools to provide support for parents. The centers help parents access basic human services for their families and provide tools and tips to engage parents in their children’s academic success. 

With Malice Toward None

Even in metro Detroit, which boasts the largest population of Arabic-speaking people outside the Middle East, stereotypes of Arab-Americans remain entrenched. The Arab American National Museum’s program With Malice Toward None aims to break down those stereotypes and open dialogue between Arab-Americans and other groups.

Mizizi Maji Mentoring Program

The Mizizi Maji (which is Swahili for “Root Water”) Mentoring Program pairs Grand Rapids area youth with adult mentors who, alongside parents, help youth grow to well-rounded, well-traveled, and socially competent citizens. Youth learn and thrive through a variety of exclusive lessons and ventures – like travel – that they might not otherwise experience.

Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program

At the Downtown Boxing Gym, Carlo Sweeney (aka “Coach Khali”) uses boxing to teach discipline and structure to Detroit youth. This discipline is reinforced through mandatory tutoring sessions and community service, forming a holistic approach toward success in academics and life.

Consortium of Hispanic Agencies

Although just formalized in 2009, the Consortium of Hispanic Agencies has existed since the late 1970s to connect, strengthen, and amplify the voices of its constituents. CHA is working with renewed purpose to advance the Latino agenda in southwest Detroit.

Whole School Whole Child Dropout Prevention

Each year, City Year Detroit leverages the power of 100 young AmeriCorps volunteers to help struggling Detroit students stay in school. These mentors work to get vulnerable students on track for graduation, right from the classrooms, reducing a national problem on a local level by intervening before a child becomes a dropout statistic.

Kidsí After School Pack Program

Since 2006, the Kids’ After School Pack Program has worked to alleviate hunger among kids living in eight south central Michigan counties. Dedicated volunteers, collaborating organizations, and an organized staff make sure that vulnerable students eat each day they are away from school, thanks to this Food Bank of South Central Michigan food-for-the-weekend program. 

The Learning Center

For 22 years, young people with academic, behavioral, and relationship challenges have turned to The Learning Center, a Crossroads for Youth program in Oxford. Through therapies, mentoring, confidence-building, and academic exercises, most emerge from the day treatment program with futures that sparkle brighter than they (and their families) ever imagined possible. 

Second Stories Drop-In Center

The Ruth Ellis Center in Highland Park serves young people living at the intersection of race, poverty and LGTBQ identification. Its drop-in center provides everything from showers and dinner to support groups to art classes for youth who often are homeless or have run away.

In-School Residency Program

Both beauty and impact are found in the simplicity of the In-School Residency Program at Ann Arbor’s 826michigan. Volunteers go into local schools, working one-on-one and in small groups with students on their writing skills. Students benefit, volunteers are inspired, and teachers receive needed classroom support.  

HYPE Teen Center

The key to attracting teens is giving them a sense of ownership over the programming provided for them. That’s the lesson behind the Detroit Public Library’s HYPE Teen Center, which draws teens with opportunities to develop their creativity in a sleek, modern space dedicated to their use. 

Teen Advisory Group

After school and on weekends, teens flock to the Michigan Avenue Branch of Ypsilanti District Library. Why? Because the library’s Teen Advisory Group (TAG) plans and implements programming and has created a cool space to study, write, learn, and socialize in a safe and happening environment. 

Michigan Breastfeeding Network

The Michigan Breastfeeding Network is a volunteer organization of health care professionals seeking to connect all of the various programs surrounding breastfeeding education and advocacy throughout Michigan, assisting women in finding programs in their area, and serving as a clearinghouse for breastfeeding information and support.

Lansing Spartans Youth Organization

Founded by retired boxer Kolmarge Harris, Lansing Spartans Youth Organization offers low-cost and no-cost programs to children ages 5-15. The program’s goals are to improve kids’ overall fitness, help with weight loss, and instill motivation and confidence that will aid them in all areas of life. 

Strong Beginnings

Strong Beginnings is a program providing health resources and services to disadvantaged women as they embark on motherhood, with the goal of lessening racial disparities in birth outcomes. One of the program’s focus areas is to educate and provide support to women who wish to breastfeed.
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Can systemic racism impact infant mortality?

Even when controlling for poverty, education level, and tobacco use of a mother, maternal and infant health outcomes are far worse for minority populations than European-American women. What's causing the continued disparities? And what can West Michigan do to ensure all babies born here have the best chance of reaching their potential? Zinta Aistars reports on Strong Beginnings, one local program working to give all families a fair start.

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Parents working more than one job or odd hours, a lack of funds, and no transportation often prevent kids from experiencing one of Michigan’s incredible natural resources. For the majority of west side Grand Rapids elementary school kids, Lake Michigan is sadly out of reach. OST has teamed up with Grand Rapids Public Schools to give fourth-graders at west side schools the opportunity to experience the big lake firsthand.


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